Chemical Resistant Repair Concrete



KEMROK™ is a rapid return to service, chemical and hydrogen sulfide resistant pozzolan cement repair concrete. KEMROK™ places and finishes like traditional concrete, is suitable for horizontal, sloped and form and pour or pump applications and cleans up easily with water.

FEATURES: 3 Hour RTS (> 3000 psi), Use from 40°F - 120°F, Add Water Only, Pre-Extended (3/8"), Suitable for 1 1/4" to Full Depth, Horiz., Slopeable, Form & Pour/Pump, Available in Bulk Configurations.

WHERE TO USE: For Repair or New Construction, Pulp & Paper, Petro-Chemical, Wastewater, Food Processing, Dairy, Chemical Washout Drainage, Trenches & Pits, Battery Rooms, Tanks, Containment Structures.